GOTS Certification

GOTS certification - the golden standard for organic cotton

When ecoLinen first introduced organic bedding and bath linens to Australia over twenty years ago, the concept of cleaner, safer GOTS certified textiles for the home was unheard of.  In fact we had to explain what organic nearly everyone we met.  


As our customers shift toward a more environmentally-conscious and traceable model, we are reassured that everything we make is safe, because we know where it's been, who has touched it and what has and what has NOT gone into it's production, thanks to many strict checks and verifications we have to adhere to throughout the whole entire process. 


We almost feel like any organic certification is better than none, but GOTS has the most stringent requirements for both environmental and human safety throughout the supply chain, which is why it's called the Golden Standard.


From organic soil and farming through to picking and weaving and spinning units, and then the weaving machines where the fabric comes out at the end needing to be smoothed, with non-toxic certified safe processes.


From seed in the soil to end retailer — GOTS scrutinises every input at every stage, concerned not only with the health of the end bed linen produced, but taking into account the environmental impact of every unit, and the health, safety, and wellbeing of its workers throughout the whole supply chain.


GOTS eliminates blind spots for consumers, we are left with no doubt - and it provides full traceability and accountability every step of the way.           



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