Deciding which Quilt or Doona?

Deciding which Quilt or Doona?

Deciding which Quilt or Doona?

It’s confusing isn’t it? After 8 years of training bedding retailers and helping fit people to the right quilt, I may have some information that can help…

Deciding which quilt or doona, firstly,


  • like a cold fish
  • medium temperature
  • always hot
  • or both too hot and too cold

The modern bed – although more comfortable than ever, does mean you will probably need a really breathable quilt - whether you are a hot or a cold sleeper.

The reason is that the lack of air movement in your bed. The body has an amazing ability to regulate temperature as long as our incredibly adaptable skin pores are not blocked with moisture. The right quilt is an extension of the skin.

Dry skin is essential to a regulated sleep.

Still deciding which quilt or doona, secondly,


Some sufferers wake up with runny eyes and nose, coughing or just clogged up generally… if you are suffering from allergies - particularly the common dust mite allergy, did you know that these microscopic invaders can be the cause.

There have been some great advances in quilts over the last 5 years.

I think the ultimate is Tencel. We’ve all heard about Bamboo but Tencel developed in Austria is really the next evolution. Not only is the fibre super breathable, meaning a hot and cold sleeper can co-habit, but it resists dust mites and bacteria.

I really like the fact that the quilt rarely needs washing, because the bacteria that normally cause’s a quilt to smell, isn’t a problem with Tencel or with Tencel blends.

Deciding which quilt or doona? OUR PICKS ARE…

1. Tencel Pure - 100% Tencel - the best quilt answer for the allergy sufferer. It really should be called Plant Silk. The quilt is thinner, but don’t be deceived, it performs better than a thicker wool or down quilt - without the nasty side effects.

Tencel eucalyptus quilt

2. Tencel Blend - 50% Tencel / 50% Lofty Wool - this is a great answer for those wanting a puffier quilt and those not ready to make the full leap away from the cuddle effect of wool

Tencel wool blend quilt

Both quilts are encased in Tencel which definitely helps the performance of what’s inside and guaranteed for 5 years, even when machine washed and tumble dried. Both are Australian-made.

Here’s more on Tencel - and why it’s considered a great option

Organic cotton quilt

The purest of the quilts, no toxins, or finishing chemicals, safe next yo you and your loved ones skin, its' a light summer option but works beautifully as a cover in hotter climates year round.

Sleep better with more natural fibres, the less chemicals, the more rested your body and skin is. They wash well and are long-lasting, perfect for your peace of mind when choosing bed linen for you and your young ones.

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