Unlock the Secrets: What are the top three elements for a restful bed?

Unlock the Secrets: What are the top three elements for a restful bed?


The secret message in a brand’s ‘Guarantee’

Ever just noticed a fault on a product, checked the warranty, and you’ve just missed it? You may still shoot them an email hoping for a fix, but the truth is the guarantee is simple insight into how long the manufacturers expected that product to last.

While there are minimums with consumer law for products, keeping an eye out for companies dedicated to ensuring that product serves you for a larger time period is telling. They are not trying to sell you items quickly and running away with your hard-earned cash.

They are staying with you, in contact, ready to fix anything should it hatch a flaw.


The best cocoon for your beauty sleep. 

Every night, as part of your sleep process, your skin detoxes. Your circadian rhythm signals the release of melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone) in the evening phase, which prepares your body for sleep and also begins working on repairing the skin cells.

Your muscles are relaxed, the skin softens, becomes more permeable, and the clogged build up from exposure to pollution, chemicals, harsh ingredients and fragrances is released (into your sheets). So if you’ve been in a nail salon that day, you’re in for a big one. However, if things can get out, things can get in.

This is where anything within reach of your skin is vital. What may that be?

Organic Cotton - start at the top. If it is 100% certified (ensure it is GOTS certified), that assures you these sheets have not breathed the same air as anything nasty. Along with cottons natural ability to regulate your body temperature throughout the night, summer or winter, and wick moisture away from you, it carries no harsh chemicals for you to absorb.

Bamboo - Look, I love the sound of sleeping in bamboo as much as the next Panda, but such a heavy chemical process is required to get it into the form required to manufacture sheets. With the level of absorption your body goes through each night, it’s just too much of a turn off.

Polyester - not so much ‘hotel’, bit more ‘motel’.. this is a completely man-made fibre. It also traps moisture and heat against your skin, causing you to sweat more and more. Resulting in those sleeps you just feel drained after, because well…you are.



The hidden key of bed hygiene is to protect. 

Like time capsules, mattress and pillow protectors not only keep all mattresses and pillows in pristine condition during your use, they prevent any bacteria, mould, or bugs from sharing your bed with you.

So whether you’ve spilt your well-earned glass of red, or laughed a little too hard at the end of the day, a protector can be washed and re-fitted just as simply as your sheets - without the next owner of the mattress having to know about it.

Preserving your investment will not only make your mattress last longer, but may save the day if anything goes awry with your mattress purchase. Many mattress warranties become null and void if the is any sign of damage, stains, or wear and tear. 

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